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Tours  "Here at Hotel Sabalos we offer a complete list of interesting local tours"

Horseback Tour

Explore the beautiful countryside on horseback. The sights and sounds of birds and wild animals are an integral part of this unforgettable experience

Other Activities

  • Walking through the town of Sabalos and Laureano Mairena
  • Try your luck at fishing off the dock with a natural pole and bait
  • Swimming in the river
  • Inner tubing.

  • Lounging in the hammocks.

  • Visit El Reserva Quebracho by foot.

River Tour by Canoe

Rowing up the Rio Sabalos in a typical wooden canoe, you can observe the local wildlife and vegetation as well as locals going about their daily routine along the banks of the river

Biological Reserve Indio Maiz/El Castillo

In addition to the tour of El Castillo, you will spend three hours hiking within the Indio Maíz Nature Reserve with a specialized personal guide.

Tour Castillo

Leaving by boat from the hotel, Julio will take you to the town of El Castillo. You will spend time strolling the colorful town with its quaint sidewalks and tropical setting.

Tour of “San Jose” Farm

If you are interested in learning how to milk a cow, make tortillas or cuajada (Nicaraguan cheese), you can visit Dolores in her farm where she will teach you these traditional daily practices

Cocoa Plantation and Processing Tour

The tour consists of visiting family-run farms which act as a cooperative, growing, processing and exporting cocoa to a famous german Chocolate Factory.

Tour of Birdwatching

When you will attend this tour you have to get up early in the mornig. At 5°°- 6°° am the boat will leave from the pier of the hotel going to the Santa Crucita River.

Caiman Tour

Leaving the hotel at 7pm, we spend two or three hours on the river by moonlight, exploring the natural habitat of caimans.

Tour of Shipwrecked Steamboat

Observe the remains of a steamboat abandoned over two centuries ago, just five minutes South on the Rio San Juan.

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